Sunday, 10 April 2011


Rayograms is the term used for a photographic image created without using a camera. This works by placing objects onto photographic paper and exposing them to light. Depending on how how opaque the object is depends on how many shade you get on the photo. The areas that are white receive no light the areas black got full light and then tone grey areas get tone depending on how much time in the light they receive.

Here is a stop motion video using Rayograms by american artist called Man Ray. He is best known for his unique photograms which he made after himself as he became a pioneer in this line of work. 
The video is called "Le Retour a La Raison" and was produced in 1923

Here are my own attempt at making Rayograms in the dark photography room my self. I used mostly images printed on acetate so i could use images that tired into my sci-fi concept for my own animation.

Here this Rayogram a layer of numbers and the covered with a acetate sheet with a pokey dot pattern on it which i the exposed at intervals of 2 seconds and kept on moving the pokey dot sheet to different heights and positions. 

Here again I used a sheet of numbers which I then covered with an image of a galaxy swirl around it to give an idea radio waves reaching other galaxies.

Here I used a sheet of numbers in a complex formation looking like its raining down this was inspired after seeing the image of the WOW Signals.

Here I have used an image of a satellite dish as it thought it tied into my them of being lost and trying to make contact with what's out there.

Here I used the same image but again used the pokey dot sheet to cover it and held it about the image at a certain height. I feel this gives a wavy effect on the image maybe looking like radio waves.

Here is an image of a UFO possibly on its journey from the galaxy it has just left.

Here was an experiment with a 5 Not I think it looks really good how you can see the hologram  in the middle and the queens head on the next side.

I have really enjoyed the workshop on stop motion and really like some of the images I was able to make. And would consider using some of these techniques to make my final animation.

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