Sunday, 10 April 2011

Space Themed Mood Boards

After noting town word that came to mind after listening to Music is Maths, I took some of the words from the list to create a mood board to see what images could be used for a space theme. This also helped me look at what colours i could possibly use as well. 

From the images i can see that black, dark blue, purple and brought white can represent space. Green worked effectively representing radio waves from satellites and the green type helps it to looks more futuristic. I also used mathematic equations white could be used to read satellite waves, In this i also included the WOW signal which is the only radio wave picked up form out of space from a none human source. 

Here I made the images into grey scale to see what the photos could look like as black and white negatives/ Rayograms. I still feel these work effectively but you don't get the colours alluding to space.

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