Sunday, 10 April 2011

Stop Motion

Here are 3 exams of Stop Motion animation. Both of Them are by two of my favorite musicians . The First Video Is called Able/Ready by Grizzly Bear and is directed by Allison Schulnik who is an american born animator. This video is made by using plasticine models in a several different colors being moved in to new positions.  

The example of stop motion is a music video by Fleet Foxes called Mykonos and has always been my favorite Fleet Foxes' song listening to it on my ipod to sleep. I think the video for this makes your eyes just fix to the screen as its just mesmerizing. and fits with the song very well as It think it has a Native American Sound and Visual to it. Made from pieces of card in stop motion. Out of all the Stop motion videos I've watched this has been by for the most inspirational for my piece to me.

The final video i found accidentally whilst search through songs of one of my favorite Musicians Kid Cudi. This is an unofficial fan Stop Motion video but was spotted by Kid Cudi on Youtube and posted on his official website.

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