Sunday, 10 April 2011

My Animation Story Board

My story is of earth sending out radio waves from satellites  which travel through space to far off galaxies trying to find life. The radio waves read a UFO in one galaxy and is read and converted into number codes. The UFO travels to earth to find life o a new planet after thinking it too was alone. After visiting Earth he flies back to his galaxy to tell of his adventure but when he returns the radio waves had disappeared and he couldnt find his way back. the earth Satellites try to send them the radio waves back but it just travels through empty space again. 

The animation will last 30 seconds long at 12 frames per second. I will use stop motion techniques to produce it. The media it will be made from will be wither coloured card or Rayograms.

scene 1 is of a Satellite sending out radio waves lasting 1 second long. 

Scenes 2+3 last for 4 seconds with the radio waves in space pulsing and waving lasting for 4 Seconds.

Scenes 4+5 are of the UFO in a far off galaxy receiving the radio waves and reading them in numbers raining and flying around through the galaxy scenes last for 5 Seconds.

Scenes 6+7+8 is of the UFO's journey through space to earth lasting 7 Seconds.

Scenes 9+10 is of UFO flying in and out of the earth up and round as well lasting for 5 seconds.

Scene 11 UFO travles back through space to galaxy to tell of his adventure scene is 3 seconds long. 

Scene 12 UFO gets back to its galaxy to tell of his journey but there or no long radio waves there any more. scene lasts 2 seconds

Scene 13 Earths satellite sending signals again into space lasting 2 seconds.

Scene 14 Earths radio waves in space not being received by any one again lasting 1 seconds and is the final frame in the 30 second animation.

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