Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cell animation example and character development

Here I have draw my character for my cell animation. I chose a none complex design as i didnt want to make cell animation to complex at this stage. It also helped to keep the character simple so he looks the same in every scene though out. 

Here Is a preposed scene for my call animation. The original script was the rabbit will walk down the road, and the sponge gets up and shoots the rabbit. But i decided this is to complex at this stage as I've never done cell animation before. 

Next I developed by character from a front view to a side on view as I needed to be able to draw the rabbit playing basket balls. 

Here are the first 6 frames of the cell animation this running at 12 frames per seconds would give a total of 0.5 seconds worth of footage. Cell animation works by drawing your character in one frame, then in the next move the character on a bit in a new frame, then move it on again in the third frame and so on. This gives the the illusion of movement when played at a high speed in a sequence.

This is My finished cell animation. It consists of 24 frames running at 12 frames per second, so the animation last for 2 seconds. 

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  1. Being taught animation by somebody who can't animate for shit. Who'da thunk it?