Thursday, 5 May 2011

10.5- 15.5 seconds images development for final aniamtion

To make the UFO look like its flying through space I took a rayogram of stars in space and canned it in. to make the image bigger and longer so it could continuously be dragged across the frame to make it look like its moving through space. I did this by keep rotating the image by 180 degrees and laying them on top of each image and then using the clone tool again to blend the lines so you cant tell its 4 separate images. 

I next took the image of the UFO that I cut out of the galaxy swirl using the magnetic select tool. I then gradually dragged this though the frame from the right side to the centre. I then made this bob up and down to the music. 

To make the UFO look as though it is flying off the screen again I did as I did in the previous scene by making it fly downward in a curved arch and the gradually off screen.

This is what 66 images played at 12 frames per second looks like for this scene.  

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