Thursday, 5 May 2011

5-10.5 seconds image development for final animation

First I got my rayogram image and scanned it into the computer. I then just altered the levels of the black and white to make the galaxy  swirl darker and the space shit lighter. I did this my going to adjustments > levels.

Next I got the image of numbers rayogram fand scanned it in as well. I altered this in photoshop as well by selecting parts of the numbers with the magic want tool and copying them across to make the length of the lines longer. I did this so all the numbers would flow through the galaxy swirl without seeing any edges. 

So the numbers image would be visible through the galaxy swirl i had to put on a layer blend onto the image. You do this in a drop down menu I selected screen wash as it didn't make image to dark or to light and gave a ghostly feel to images. 

Then through 24 images which last 2 seconds I slowly drag the number image through the UFO and galaxy swirl to make it look as though the UFO is decoding the radio signals and its reading them raining through the galaxy. 

New matrix style rayogram. I had to have this inverted thought to make it work to be visible through the UFO galaxy swirl 

After 24 images the next 42 images which last for 3.5 seconds played at 12 frames per second I change the types of numbers raining down to a more matrix style number rain. i always change the direction in which the numbers are falling. again to give the illusion the numbers and falling and the UFO are readin them I slowly drag through the numbers through the UFO image with a screen layer blend on it. 

in the final 0.5 seconds I make the UFO fly out of the galaxy following where the radio waves signals had come from. i did this by using the magnetic select tool to draw around the UFO and copied it onto a new later. and the just cloured in the hole left by the UFO using the clone stamp tool. to make the UFO look like its flying I just moved it down though each frame flying in a curve making it disappear off screen.

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