Thursday, 5 May 2011

2-5 Seconds image development for final aniamtion

Sticking to the same A5 size canvas as before in the previous 12 image for the first 1 second of footage. I changed the background colour to 100% black to give the illusion of space and nothingness.

I then used an image of the earth from the internet: 
OMA. (05/10/07). The World. Available: Last accessed 5th May 2011.

I centered this in the middle of the page to make it look more isolated in the middle of space not near anything. I purposely didn't put any stars or anything behind or around it as again it gives more to the illusion of nothingness and isolation in space.

The next stage was to add in the radio waves from the first 12 images and start sliding it in from the side so on each image in this sequence i moved the radio waves further wand further in. This gives an illusion that the signals are flying through space to far off galaxies.

Another wave I gave the illusion or the radio waves flying our from earth and flying through space is by adding rings getting larger and larger on each image adding one more onto each image. This gives and Illusion that the signal is pulsing out of earth. 

To make the rings to look like they are pulsing they go 12 rings out and then 12 rings back into earth and this is repeated through out. 

one final effect I used to make the radio waves look like they are pulsing through space is by making them flash I did this by just adding and removing the view of the layer on separate images so its on in the first image off in the second back on in the third and so on...

This is how the 48 images look as a sequence which last for 4 seconds played at 12 frames per second. 

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