Thursday, 5 May 2011


Here Is my final cut for my cell animation it run at at 12 frames per second for 33.5 seconds consisting of 402 separate JPEG images. Here I have added in the 3.5 second end credits and cut my song in audacity this lets me cut the music exactly to 33.5 second   and also I can use effects tools to add a fade out so the music towards the end help with the story of the lost lonely UFO after its lost the signals and the Signals start over again sending radio waves into nothingness. I think this helps to make the animation not just visually but audioly sound more professional.

In this project I have learnt many new skills as I have never done any sort of animation work before. I learn how mamny frames it takes to make an image seem like its moving with out seeing individual images, I also learnt how to animate the film in after effects to make the images play as continuous footage.  I also learnt hot to cut and make audio tracks. 

Im really happy with the out come of my first ever animation as I have never worked in this field before. I like the effect the rayograms have given the animation and it helped tie into my Sci-Fi theme of space, time and UFO's as the black white and grays give a ghostly spacey feel to the whole animation. The only down side I found of using rayograms was that I found it restricting into what I could or couldn't to for each scene, also the out comes of rayograms is very hit or miss with having to time each image and exposure just right to get the perfect image. Also Another down side to doing cell animation and separate images is that I havent been able to use many of the effects and tools in After Effects. But all in all I feel from the very start I have followed from my mood boards and 3 words to sum up my song Time, Travel, and Space., have all linked in really well to my final out comes and i'm really pleased with my Final Video for this project.

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