Thursday, 5 May 2011

19 - 30 seconds final animation

To make the final 11 seconds of the animation I played all of the previous scenes in reverse  apart form the UFO reading the numbers and radio signals I changed this to the UFO flying into the lonely empty galaxy swirl to find there was no signal any more and it was back to loneliness. 

To create the final animation I used after effect to do this. I started a new composition which I changed the time duration of my going to composition > composition settings > duration. I changed this to 30 seconds for my animation.

To change The frame rate to 12 frames per second I right clicked on the folder with all the images on and when Interpret footage > Main >  Frames. I then changed it from 30 frames per second to 12. This allows the footage to fit the duration of the film properly. 

This is the first video I made with the music with the animation as a whole. In this I decided I needed a few more end credits and and the music sounds odd as it just stops dead so needs to fade away more. 

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