Thursday, 5 May 2011

Image development for final animation

First I took a scanned image of a rayogram i had created and opened it in photoshop on a A5 size art board. I changed the size of the image from 300 dpi to 72 dpi (dots per inch). I did this by going image>image size.

I positioned the rayogram on them bottom right hand corner and used the clone stamp tool to copy the grey background behind the satellite. the clone stamp tool works by finding the area you wish to repeat and copy then whilst hovering the mouse over it alt>left click to select it. Then use it like a paint brush just remembering to keep selecting the grey areas. 

Once I had coloured the background. I placed an image of a radio wave from the internet:
BEEZLEY, Brain. (18/12/10). Postdetection Filter for HD Radio Signals.Available: Last accessed 

I then used the magic wond tool to select the out line of the radio waves, this only selected a section so I selected the rest by going to Select on the tool menu > select similar which highlights all the similar areas that had already been highlighted. 

I then copied this onto a new layer but the outline was still green. So I re-highlighted the waves using the magic wond tool and changed the colour by going to Edit on the tool bar > fill > colour and then selecting white. This ties into my black and white rayogram themed movie. 

I then positioned the waves on my image where it would be coming out of the satellite and saved the image as a JPEG. I then did this 12 times but each times kept enlarging or shrinking the size of the image and moving and rotating it up or down. This gave the effect it was being shot out of the satellite.

This is What the 12 images at 12 framers per second looked like in a sequence. 

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